The Anser U2 printer line incudes three printers: Smart 0.5”, Smart 1” and Pro-S. Each printer model uses its own inks. Anser Smart printers use mostly water-based inks. These inks work best on permeable surfaces like paper and cloth. The Anser Pro-S model has an expanded ink portfolio, including inks with increased durability on semipermeable and impermeable surfaces like wood, concrete, glass and metal.

Anser Ink for any Application

Anser inks deliver excellent print quality and optical density. Each ink type offers a variety of color options, short drying time, and improved decap time. Anser Inks support a range of applications; there’s an ink for almost every surface. Whatever your needs – from adaptability to innovative direct marking to efficiency and serviceability - these inks deliver. Specialized ink options available for printing on semi-permeable and impermeable surfaces.

Fast Dry Time. Enhanced Durability. Options to meet your needs.


P1 is a water-based ink compatible with the Anser U2 Smart Printer line. This ink performs best on cardboard, paper, cloth, and other porous surfaces. It comes in two color varieties: red and blue.


S1 is a pigment-based ink for the Anser U2 Pro-S Printer. It provides excellent print quality on dark surfaces and semi-porous materials. The S1 line has two color options: yellow and white.


SP4 black ink offers superior print density on a variety of substrates. It dries quickly on paper, wood, cardboard, and other semi-permeable surfaces. SP4 ink is available for the entire Anser U2 printer line. Note that the Anser U2 Smart 1" printer uses the SP4 cartridge with a 1” printhead.


S2 black ink offers excellent print quality on semipermeable surfaces like plaster, concrete, and wood. This quick-drying ink is available exclusively for the Anser U2 Pro-S inkjet printer.


SP-L black ink delivers outstanding print quality on gloss-coated corrugate and other semi-porous materials. It is comparable to S2 ink in terms of print quality, but it is compatible with the Anser U2 Smart printer line as well as the Pro-S.


NP4 black ink is dries quickly on nonpermeable like plastic, steel, aluminum, and glass. It is available exclusively for the Anser U2 Pro-S printer.

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